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Mobile barcode scanning empowers your business to provide the self-shopping experience your customers deserve and can be integrated into your mobile application and websites with ease. Mobile data capture gives you the flexibility to deploy mobile POS systems with a robust barcode scanner wherever and whenever needed.

  • Best-in-class scanner
  • Works on all smart devices
  • Location & connection independent
  • Scans up to 30 codes simultaneously
  • 25% faster than a leading competitor
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Raise the efficiency of retail operations and inventory management with mobile barcode scanning. Enhance your customer experience with a highly accurate, fast and secure solution for mobile data capture. Our solution experts are excited to talk to you virtually and show you digital data capture from a new perspective.

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An Anyline Insight

77% of Shoppers More Willing To Visit Stores with A Scan-and-Go Option

On our behalf, Researchscape has conducted an interesting survey. The Customer Perception Report: Scan-and-go Shopping in 2022 found that customer demand for convenient and contactless shopping continues to grow. Anyline’s survey of 1,500 U.S. shoppers identifies expectations and pain points with scan-and-go technology

Key takeaways from this report include:

  • Shoppers want a speedy and independent shopping experience
  • Scan and go is here to stay
  • Shoppers stay connected to their mobile devices while browsing

Read the full report and learn more about consumer behaviours and expectations in 2022!



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